Your Sunlight

Materials and Meanings

The Your Sunlight line is made up of charms in 925% silver plated with 24 carat yellow gold, entirely produced, finished and enameled by hand in Italy by Italian artisans.

The Lanyards

The charms are mounted on a waxed cotton cord, made in Italy using certified natural fibers.

The color of the cord depends on the position of the sun within the zodiac sign of birth. This position is associated with a precise shade of the element to which the sign itself belongs. During the purchase phase, you can opt for a neutral color (black, blue and white).

The Charms

The charms that make up the bracelet of the Your Sunlight line represent the sun in the zodiac sign of birth.

The sun is depicted with the symbol used in astronomy on which adverbs are engraved which are a descriptive flash of the characteristics of the zodiac sign, represented with the animal associated with each of them.

The loves of Apollo
The sun represents vital and creative energy: exploring, knowing and experiencing yourself. It represents the ability to manifest and relate to others. For the ancient Greeks the sun was identified with Helios,
god of astonishing beauty, with a golden hair that suffused light and heat everywhere.

In late Greek antiquity the cult of Helios was supplanted by that of Apollo. God of light, music and poetry, medicine and oracles, he had fantastic loves with nymphs, young princes, mortals and goddesses.

The loves before us did not know genres and many of them ended with a metamorphosis of the loved one into flowers or trees. These loves were a hymn to Nature.

Obyeaven: not just a jewel

Obyeaven is not only a jewel, it is also a poetic and mythological tale about your birth sky. Together with the Your Sunlight bracelet you will receive the description of your birth sun.

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