Maintenance and Care

Obyeaven jewels are handcrafted in Italy and precisely: the individual objects are made with the casting technique, subsequently cleaned, polished and enameled completely by hand. Any imperfections are the result of this artisan process.
All the pieces are made of 925 silver galvanized in approx. 24 yellow gold, with the exception of the piece from the Your Ruling Stars line which depicts the Ascendant which is galvanized in rose gold.
Obyeaven jewels, if worn daily with care, do not need particular maintenance.
Daily use and contact with external agents such as cosmetics, humidity, heat and transpiration can reduce the brilliance of gold or silver surfaces.

It is recommended to follow the tips listed below to preserve your jewelry:

– periodically clean them gently, avoiding to use ordinary cloths, polishing cloths and in general with aggressive products;
– store them separately in individual sachets or boxes, in dry places, away from heat sources and agents that can affect the enamels, gilding and silver.

The surface treatment of the gold plating can generally be restored through a professional intervention, the result of which depends on the general state of the jewel to be restored.

Your Ruling Stars straps are made of genuine leather and therefore it is recommended to:

– limit as much as possible contact with water, soap, cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, and with substances that can deteriorate the skin, compromising the integrity of the assembly;
– do not subject the skin to excessive traction that could cause it to break.

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