The Inspiration

“I wonder whether the stars are set alight in heaven so that one day each one of us may find his own again.”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Obyeaven was born on a very hot August night, looking at the stars. The spectacle of the sky thrilled us for its beauty and disturbed us for our smallness in the face of that mysterious immensity. How many dreams, how many hopes, how many thoughts and questions men have entrusted to the stars since they stood up.

That August night we too wanted to hand over our dreams to a shooting star. We wanted to keep the light of our piece of heaven so that we could find a place in the world even when our souls got lost in the dark labyrinths of life.

The Philosophy

“The cosmos [….] in front of us is the same for everyone, none of the gods or men did it, but it always was, it is, and it will always be fire.”
– Eraclito

Since the dawn of time, the sky has exercised a great charm on men and while they were trying to reveal its mysterious rhythms, they have populated it with gods and myths.

Today we live immersed in a world governed by materiality, but we continue to hear the ancestral calls of the sky every day, especially when we feel lost and do not find answers in everything around us.

Obyeaven is a story about our being and our becoming, around the cyclicality of time and life. Obyeaven is a wish for man’s return to Nature, to that Whole of which he is a part and in which to let our dreams and our hopes fly.

The Logo: Anser Indicus

“Joy is like the flight”
– Emily Dickens

Anser indicus is the bird that more than any other has the ability to get close to the stars. The barred-headed Indian goose reaches the highest altitudes without exploiting updrafts.

The goose completes the migration from Mongolia to Nepal to India and Pakistan, flying over the Himalayas in an up and down trajectory. A metaphor of our lives, subject to ups and downs. And just like each of us, while not having an exceptional physique, this bird is brave and determined to find its place in the world by relying only on its own strength.

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