Your Ruling Stars

Materials and Meanings

The Your Ruling Stars line is made up of 925% silver platelets and charms plated with 24 carat yellow gold and rose gold, entirely produced, finished and enameled by hand in Italy by Italian artisans.

The Straps

The pieces are mounted on a leather ribbon, the color of which depends on the dominant element: red for the fire, blue for the water, light gray for the air and brown for the earth.

When purchasing, you can choose between three different shades of the color of your element and three further neutral colors (black, blue and ivory white).

The Plates

The plates with their respective charms represent the zodiac dominant, the planetary dominant and the ascendant (plated in rose gold). The single plate, with the largest incision, is instead connected to the elemental dominant.

The signs are depicted by animals ruled by individual zodiac signs. While the planets are depicted with glyphs that are universally used in astronomy and astrology.

The Engravings

The key words that summarize the main characteristics of the sign, planet or corresponding element are engraved on each plate. On the sign plate there is also a hidden engraving on the back that describes the shadow features.

Obyeaven: not just a jewel

Obyeaven is not only a jewel, it is also a poetic and mythological tale about your birth sky. Together with the Your Ruling Stars bracelet you will receive the description of your birth sun.

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